Melaka, Malaysia

Accommodation Casablanca GH Mr. Andy, Vivien, zek, anticasablancaguesthouse@hotmail.comPh: +6062922605Gsm:10-J, jalan laksama 2, Taman kota laksamana, 75200, Melakafan room for single and couple rm500/600/monthly Others Photos Advertisements

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Cebu, Philippines

Accomodation Ayo Ayo cafe & backpacker inn (Airbnb) Cebu 20oct-17nov it is mainly a cafe-restaurant and dormitory is upstair. mostly Japanese workers stay. Clean, tidy place with wifi and free breakfast. Cafe’s atmosphere is effecting/forcing you to eat in there. cafe’s chef dont like you if you dont eat/spend money in there. not noisy, but […]

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Tokyo, Japan

Accomodation Yotsugi crib guesthouse Katsushika, Tokyo email: capsule room 18000¥/month, 10k deposit, Note: may be long time ago it was a small guesthouse or hostel but not today. now, it is a refugee & immigrants house (especially africans) with customer self cleaning, it means no any cleaning service. good wifi, good hot shower, cheapest […]

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